When a student from Harford County Community College went to jail

In March, 21-year-old Joshua Eberhart was arrested for allegedly attempting to rob the school, police said.

The incident occurred after a student reported to a security guard that he and another student had stolen cash from a register, police Lt.

Brian Schaffner told The Times-Dispatch.

Eberhardt told police that he was a senior at Harford Community College in Harford Township and had been there for three weeks, Schaffners said.

Eberson, who was in the fourth grade, told police he and his friends had stolen a backpack, which contained a small amount of cash and two iPhones, according to the police report.

A search of the school turned up the stolen bags and iPhones, Schafner said.

“During the search of bags, he found a handgun, a box of magazines, and a .40-caliber handgun,” Schaffers said.

Police charged Eberhard with a felony count of aggravated robbery, a Class 4 felony, which carries a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Ebert’s case is not being investigated by the police department.

“We have been told that a student was arrested in connection with the theft of money and items at Harfords Community College,” Schafers said in a news release.

“The Department of Education will continue to cooperate with the State Police to assist in the investigation.”

In June, the college filed a lawsuit against Eberharts lawyer, claiming that the man’s lawyer, Joshua E. Kallberg, was trying to get him released on bail to appear before a judge to determine whether he was eligible for probation.

“When I first learned about his arrest I immediately called my attorney to tell him I was a little concerned,” EberHarts attorney, Mark G. Breslau, told The Associated Press at the time.

“At that point, I knew this was an opportunity that had not been presented to us before.

I asked him to let us know that he wanted to be released.”

The suit, which was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, says Kallangos lawyer has no prior criminal record.

The lawsuit claims that Kallenberg made false statements to police about the incident, saying Eberham had not pointed a gun at the guards.

The suit also says that Eberharhart was a student at Harfboston Community College, a private school in the same township where the incident allegedly occurred.

Kavitha Rambavan, Eberhesss mother, said in an email that she was “deeply disappointed” in the arrest.

“It was a horrible mistake on the part of the police, but the consequences are far worse,” she wrote.

“I am concerned about the consequences for my son and his students.

I am hopeful that we will be able to move forward to make this right.

But for now, I am devastated.”

The Associated Statesman reported that Ebert had been in custody since his arrest on June 19.

“Joshua was being held in jail without bond at the Harford Detention Center for the last couple days,” Ebersons attorney, Breslavas, told the AP.

“He is in the custody of the Harfolds County Jail.

There is no other information about his whereabouts.”

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