What’s in store for South Africa’s Sun Schools community college

Sun Schools is preparing for the next round of cuts as it seeks to trim costs and reduce its workforce by half.

The board, which also oversees the country’s universities, announced on Monday that it is cutting the number of faculty, staff and support staff by two-thirds.

The reduction in staff was announced as part of a plan to save around €8 million ($9.2 million) by 2021-22.

The Sun Schools board has said it will not make any changes to its operating structure in the next five years, which will see the school cut staff by around 5,000.

The cut will mean it will be able to spend €4 million ($5.5 million) less on student support and support services, which are a big chunk of the school’s revenue.

Sun Schools, founded in 1972, has been one of South Africa.

The school has around 2,500 staff.

Its board is composed of nine Sun members, including president and CEO Professors Ntokozo Qwabe and Dr Paul Gervais, and the president of the board, Dr Sishek Mchokwane.

The other five board members are appointed by the board.

Sun has been operating on a loss-making basis since 2014.

The university has been in the news recently after it admitted that it has a significant backlog of student debt, and has taken steps to cut costs.

The decision to cut the number staff was taken to address a budget deficit, the university said.

It has been struggling to get through the year without raising tuition.

The cuts were announced in a letter sent to staff and parents.

The letter said that staff were being notified that they will be “reduced in number by around 25% in the following fiscal year, to €7,000, with a further reduction of €5,000 for each subsequent year of service.”

This will mean the Sun Schools campus will lose approximately 6,000 staff, with about a third of those staff being students.

“We are committed to ensuring our staff are fully supported and will continue to work with students, families and community members to support them through this difficult time,” the letter read.

“The board will ensure that our students continue to receive support from Sun Schools staff and staff will continue their voluntary commitment to pay off student debt.”

This is not the first time Sun has made significant cuts to staff.

Last year, it announced a series of redundancies in the wake of a funding shortfall of around €2 million ($2.8 million).

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