‘American Community Survey’: Where Do You Stand?

In the wake of the election, people are being asked about the direction of the country.

We’ve heard that the country is divided along partisan lines and that Americans are feeling anxious.

How do you feel about that?

Here’s a look at the answers to the following questions about the American Community Survey.

How do you think the country will look in the next two years?

Will it be as divided as it is now?

Will it be more divided?

Will America be better off or worse off in 2020?

Will the country be more united or less united?

Will Americans have a better or worse time working and saving money?

Will Americans feel more or less confident in their jobs?

Will they feel more positive about the economy in 2020 or 2020 will be worse off than they thought?

Will we see the country becoming more polarized in 2020 than it is right now?

How will you feel if you were a Republican or Democrat in 2020, and how would you vote?

How would you feel as a Democrat or Republican if you saw the results of the 2020 presidential election?

How many people in your household will be able to afford to buy a home?

How likely are you that your kids will be in college?

How often do you take a bath?

Are you a Republican, Democrat, independent, or a third party?

Do you think that Americans have gotten a lot more polarized since the election?

Do people who are more politically liberal or more conservative see the election differently?

How does your political affiliation compare with the other parties?

What are the chances that you’ll be a Republican in 2020 and how do you view that?

Are there any things that Americans would change about the country in 2020 that they would like to see changed?

What do you want your country to look like in 2020 if it is as divided and divided as the country currently is?

What changes would you like to make to the American economy in 2019 and 2020?

Do Americans think that we should be more focused on jobs and less on social issues?

Will you be able or unable to afford a home in 2019?

Are Americans more likely to be able afford to take a vacation in 2019 or 2019 will be better than they expected?

Are Republicans more likely than Democrats to say that there is a big difference between how they vote in elections?

Will your country be better or better off in 2019 if you think you’ll have a lower rate of incarceration?

Will people be able and willing to do more volunteer work?

Will employers be more willing to offer good jobs or worse jobs?

How confident are you about the health of the economy, jobs, and the environment in 2019, 2020, or 2021?

Are Democrats more likely or less likely to believe that climate change is real?

Are people more or more likely, in 2019 to believe in global warming?

What does your opinion of the American people say about your party and how you feel on issues such as the economy?

What would you change about your country if you had to choose between the Democrats or the Republicans?

Do Democrats think that the economy will be much better in 2019 than it was in 2020 ?

Do Republicans think that things are going to get better in 2020 but things will get worse than they anticipated?

How do Democrats feel about the election result?

Do Republicans feel like the results are unfair or unfair to them?

Are the results being misreported by the media?

Is there anything you’d change about how you vote in 2020 to make your vote more representative?

Do the results reflect what people really think about your politics, and if so, do you believe that is representative?

What questions have people been asked about?

Will this survey change the way you think about American politics in 2019 ?

Will the results help you decide which way you will vote in the 2020 elections?

Are there any other issues that you would like your answers about?

Are we witnessing a reversal of America’s political direction in 2019 in that people are questioning whether the country really is as good as it was 10 years ago, and are you more or fewer likely to support Trump than Clinton in 2020 election?

Have the results shown the country has become more polarized?

Have people’s views on the election changed in the past few years?

Do you think things have changed for the worse or worse in 2020 in terms of the policies and candidates?

Is the country more or least divided on the issues of climate change and gay rights?

Have Republicans been more or lesser supportive of the Trump administration’s foreign policy?

Have Democrats been more supportive of Trump’s policies than the other party?

Have Americans seen more or few negative changes in their personal lives since the elections?

Has the country gotten a little more polarized or less polarized since Election Day?

What have been the big changes in how people think about politics since the 2016 elections?

Are your views on issues like the economy or foreign policy changing?

How have the results affected your political views in 2020 so far?

Do some Americans feel less confident about their jobs, the economy and the country’s environment in 2020 compared with previous years?

What policies do you

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