How to save a little money in Kapiolani Community College

Kapiolania’s community college is struggling to get enough money to stay afloat, with some students being forced to work part-time or on nights and weekends to pay for tuition and living expenses.

Auckland Council is helping students pay the bills of $11,000 worth of student accommodation.

It says it’s already raised $8,000 through a grant from the Community Development Tax Credit (C-DPCT) program.

“Auckland City Council and Kapiolan College will be contributing funds to help with the transition of the campus and to make sure students are able to get back to their normal schedules,” the council said in a statement.

“The Government has already made funding available for this project, and it will help us to continue to provide support for students as they come into the community.”

Students are currently facing long hours, often in the early hours of the morning.

The council is also supporting students with rent and food.

“Student accommodation is the most expensive part of the day for students.

The college’s administration is providing assistance to students with the rent, food and other costs associated with living on campus,” the statement said.

The College’s administrator, Michael Pappas, said the college was struggling to meet the needs of its students.

“We’ve been working very hard to keep our students here and that means we’ve had to work very hard on the students’ living conditions, which is a real challenge,” he said.

“This is a problem that we’re dealing with, but we are working really hard and we’re getting on top of it.”

Students in the college have had to use the school gym, an outside room, and other facilities as a temporary home, and some have been given food and accommodation as they travel between classes.

“There is a very difficult situation for students living on their own in the dorms,” Mr Pappis said.

He said the school was working with a group of Auckland City Council staff to support students in accessing housing.

“They’re also doing work with Auckland Council and the college to help the students with their housing,” he added.

Kapiolania Community College said in September that the school had a $30,000 budget shortfall of $16,000.

The college said it was working to find additional funding, and had been asked to apply for a C-DPCC grant of $9,000 over four years.

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