What happens if the federal government loses its power to fund the college in Colorado?

Posted November 11, 2017 11:07:50The Colorado Community College system is in trouble.

A month ago, the state passed a law that gives the state’s Board of Education authority to approve any funding for a community college.

Under the law, the board can’t be held liable for the fate of a school.

But the Colorado State Legislature has blocked the board from passing any new laws that could allow it to fund its own campus.

Under this legislation, the system would have to find an extra $4.8 million to continue operating in the coming years.

The board can use its existing budget to meet its obligations, including paying its teachers and administrators.

But it’s unclear how that will work in the face of the looming loss of federal funding.

The Colorado Association of Community Colleges and Universities (CACCUS) says it’s worried about the impact of losing the federal funds.

The association’s executive director, Michael T. Breen, says the board’s inability to fund new programs and maintain existing facilities could lead to students leaving and students losing jobs.

Tami Roush, a spokesperson for the board, said that it has “no choice but to seek an extension of funding to meet the obligations of the federal dollars.”

That’s likely to require the board to find another source of money to continue operations.

The federal government has not yet released a budget for 2018.

The president of the Colorado Community Colleges Association, Bob Rocha, said the state will have to decide on that as soon as next week.

Rocha says the association has been discussing how to find money to fund students in the interim.

But he says that’s unlikely to happen this year.

“We’ve been very clear in our discussions with the board that we’re going to have to continue to operate our system, to do our business, to continue our operations, to provide the services that students expect and deserve,” Rochas said.

Roche, the former president of COCCUS, says she is not worried about losing federal money.

But she says she thinks it’s important to make sure that the board has enough money in place to provide basic services for its students and staff.

“I think the system is going to go down,” she said.

“It’s going to be very hard to rebuild.

We’ll just have to see what happens.”

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