How to fix the problem of the internet in schools

This article originally appeared on the Daily Dot.

The following is an article by Emma Luscombe on how to fix what she feels is a problem of lack of information and how it affects students and staff in the Riverside Community College in Falls Church, Virginia.

“We want to make sure that we’re all on the same page, that we all know where everything is, where everything’s at, so that when we’re in the building, we can do our job, which is to give them a quality education, and then they can do theirs as well.”

The idea behind the RICU is that students are treated like adults, with the option of going home if they want to.

It’s part of a larger strategy to increase the number of RICUs, which began in the fall of 2016.

In an effort to attract more students, RICUS has been opening up in-person learning spaces for its students, in addition to online classes, video conferences, and other social activities.

At RICUC, there are also programs that allow staff and students to participate in a project together in the classroom, like a project on writing a screenplay.

There’s also a school-wide mentoring program for students that’s geared toward students with disabilities.

While the ROCA recently partnered with a local company to help with the building process, Luschen feels that the RICS has the potential to be even more effective.

When students have to be away from their families, that can be difficult for them, she said.

I feel like a lot of the stuff that happens with the RUCI is really hard on students and their families.

That’s why we want to do more and better, so when they’re back, we know that they’re going to be OK.

Luscombe said the school is focused on getting its students to be able to go home for the summer, and is planning to open a new facility for students during the fall.

With the increase in students in the community college and the fact that the school has been getting more students each year, the RCC has been looking for ways to make the program more efficient, she added.

As part of the RICO program, the school will open an in-house tutoring facility for RIC students who do not have a tutor on staff.

The students will have the option to use online classes or video conferences.

Teachers will also be assigned to the RCI program, which will include in-class and online tutoring, as well as a library, video conference rooms, and more.

According to Luscher, the online classes will be a great way to increase students’ interest in the school, since students will get access to a wider range of resources than what they’d have to get through a regular classroom.

However, there’s a catch: It’s not always easy to find resources that meet students’ needs, she explained.

Students will also have the opportunity to use a local computer lab for in-depth research, she also said.

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