Princeton students react to Trump’s tweet about Princeton students

Princeton, N.J. — A few hours after President Donald Trump’s retweet of an image of a woman with her legs apart, several Princeton students were in a classroom where they were watching a game on a small screen, watching a film and taking notes.

“I think it’s pretty obvious that he has a lot of ignorance and has a misunderstanding of the things that have happened over the last few years,” said student Amanda Jones, a fourth-year student at Princeton.

“I think he is being intentionally ignorant.

The president has said he’s going to do everything he can to bring back jobs to the U.S. It’s a big topic, but the reality is that most of the jobs that have been lost are in the manufacturing sector and the service sector.

He has a pretty big mouth and doesn’t really understand that these jobs are in high demand.”

Princeton student Amanda A. Jones (left) and student Eric G. Hager (right) are among the students who watched a game of video games on a computer in a private classroom.

Trump has made some of his comments on the topic of American jobs at a time when many of the country’s top industries are suffering from high unemployment.

The president recently took a swipe at a University of Michigan student who tweeted that her work at the school had been “terrible” during a meeting with Trump.

But Jones said she thought the president’s words were aimed at people in the middle class.

It was a moment of pride for me to say, ‘Look, I have a degree, I know a lot about the economy.

I’m not going to make the same mistakes as the President of the United States, because I’m white and I’m male,'” Jones said.

During his campaign, Trump said his policies were focused on bringing back the U and U-2 spy planes and putting millions of Americans back to work.

After the election, however, Trump reversed course and said he would bring back some of the “job-killing regulations” that had made it harder for American companies to hire and to expand.”

But we’re going to have to go through the courts, and I will tell you, we’re not going there, we are not going.” “

We are going to start getting them back.

But we’re going to have to go through the courts, and I will tell you, we’re not going there, we are not going.”

In an interview with NBC News, Trump acknowledged he had made some errors in his tweets, and he acknowledged he may not have known how the job market was changing.

“It’s not a perfect analogy, but we’ve got to start somewhere,” Trump told NBC News.

“The question is, how do we get the jobs back?

It’s not just about me.

It is going to take a long time.”

Trump did not say what he would do about the millions of people in poverty that have lost their jobs since the Great Recession.

A White House official said Trump’s remarks were a “common misconception.”

The official also pointed out that the economy is still doing well, adding that the president has a broad base of support.

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