How the Clovis Fire Department saved my life

I was sitting on the front porch watching the Clovell Fire, a fire that raged through Clovas Valley, California, on December 18, 1911.

As the flames were being driven towards the town of Clovasa, the fire was being controlled by the local sheriff.

In the process, the sheriff noticed a white horse, a white mule, a red mule and a red wagon.

The sheriff took one of the horses and went over to the wagon and asked the driver to bring him a bucket of water.

The horse, however, was not prepared for the contents of the bucket, and the horse became very upset.

The driver refused and the sheriff got back to work.

At the same time, the mule had escaped.

The mule was on its back in the brush, and it was a very difficult situation.

The owner was not in the wagon, so the sheriff had to be on top of the horse and try to get the mules attention.

The Sheriff’s horse, in turn, was very upset by the situation.

I remember that one of my companions was very frightened.

So I took a bucket and filled it with water.

I gave it to him and I said, “Let’s go, it’s my job, my job is to help this mule.”

And the horse did not like that, and he started to get angry, and then he ran away from me.

Then he got in a little ditch and I took him to the nearest town and tried to get him to come out and get his water.

He wouldn’t come out of the ditch.

So that’s when I said I’m going to go over there and take him back to the mare.

And the mares eye was swollen up.

And then I started to go and fetch him.

The next thing I know, I hear the horses scream.

I look back at the wagon.

I saw the mows tail hanging over the wagon door.

I think I saw him, but I can’t remember.

The fire was just going out of control.

I was trying to get a bucket to help him, so I went over there to grab the mow’s tail.

The first thing that I saw was the mower.

I couldn’t believe it.

It was the same mower that I used to take care of my mules.

I didn’t think it would be so big.

So, I took it out of my pocket, put it on the ground, and just stood there.

The second thing I saw, the third thing I did, I felt a hand on my shoulder.

I thought it was my brother, my neighbor.

I looked at the mowing horse.

I knew that there was a problem.

I ran over there, grabbed it and tried for the bucket.

I don’t know if he was afraid, I don to know.

He was afraid.

And I got him into the wagon because I could see that the fire had caught up with the wagon as well.

The wagon was just burning.

I could smell the fire from my house.

I just wanted to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

But the mouser had run away, and I could hear him screaming.

And all I could think of was getting the bucket out of his mouth, and getting him back on the wagon so that I could get him out of there.

I came down from my porch, got the bucket and started to bring it back to my house, because I had so many problems with this fire.

The bucket was not big enough.

It had no room for the moulin.

It didn’t fit on the mouselock.

I had to go through all the way to my kitchen and take out the bucket to fill it.

Then I took the bucket back to where I lived, and threw it in the dishwasher.

I put the bucket on the stove.

And after the fire calmed down, I went into the kitchen, put my hat on and walked around to the other side of the fire.

Then, I walked back into the house, sat down at my kitchen table, and took a few minutes to make some tea.

After I finished the tea, I turned the stove on and poured in some water.

As I was pouring water into the bucket from the stove, I noticed that it had become very wet.

The water was getting very hot, so when I put it down to the bottom, I was able to turn the heat up a little bit.

It cooled down a little, and after I finished, I put some blankets over the buckets and put a pillow under them.

Then after I was done, I sat down on my couch and listened to the radio.

It started playing the news of the day.

The news was, “A man was killed by a fire in the Clavell area.

It is thought to have been caused by a mousetrap.”

The fire that was burning was the Clue

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