Which college students should attend the Oregon Community College Community Market?

Portland, OR – In a community market, it’s easy to see why a college graduate might want to buy some food at the community market.

The community market is a gathering place where people from around the area can interact and eat together.

The food is typically cheaper and fresh, and the market is filled with people who have recently moved to the area.

In addition, the community markets provide opportunities for people to network and meet others from their area.

Community market food options from local vendors to local restaurantsCommunity markets are usually held at the Portland Community College (PCC) Community Center.

The market, which was established in the 1960s, is located on the PCC campus, and is open to the public.

The market is open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., but the majority of the vendors are open from 8 a.t. to 6 p.p.

During these hours, there is free parking available.

A sign in the market informs customers about the hours and provides information about the vendors.

In the evenings, there are also special evenings where vendors are allowed to sell items that they’ve made during the day.

One vendor in particular, which we will call “The Ghetto Food Market,” has been offering its homemade foods at the market for the past two years. 

The Ghettos Ghetto Market at the PCT Community Market.

(PCT Community Center) “I have been running the market since I was 15,” Vicki Davis told us in an interview.

“I started selling at the start of last year and have been selling food since the start, and I’ve had people come up to me and say, ‘I want to be part of this.

I love the food and I want to support you,'” Davis continued.

“My family is a very diverse group, and people are coming up to the market and saying, ‘Oh, I want a piece of my family’s food, and you have it,'” Davis said.

“And that’s really cool to hear.”

Vickie Davis is a Community Market vendor. 

(Courtesy of Vickie Davis)Davis is also a college student at Oregon State University, so she has been able to meet people from her area and help her community.

She said that she has found a community of like-minded people that is accepting of different dietary habits and cultures.

The Market is also open to people who are interested in volunteering or participating in the event.

The event will be held from April 1 through June 15, with vendors offering their food and food donations.

For more information on the market, check out the Portland Business Journal.

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