What you need to know about The Big Bang Theory Season 3 premiere, “The End”

The Big B bang.

That’s what it’s like to be the newest member of The Big Brother house.

If you were on the show, you were supposed to win immunity and be the next houseguest.

You also got to eat.

You got to get in the kitchen.

You get to clean up.

You gotta clean up your mess.

And, of course, you got to watch the first Big Brother.

The Big B. The end.

That was the story the show’s creators, Rob and Michelle Katz, told the world after the season premiere.

That they had just watched their first Big B, they knew they were done.

That this was the end of The B-B-B.

And so they pulled the plug.

They left the house.

The next season didn’t feature a Big B in it.

But for viewers who had been following the show since the show first premiered in 2013, the Big B was a surprise.

The Big Housewives had not had a Big Brother appearance for years.

They had never had a celebrity guest star.

And their only Big Brother reunion in recent memory was when Katie McGrath was cast.

And for viewers like me, who grew up watching the show with my mom and sister, that was a bit of a shock.

But not to the Katzs.

And not to us.

We had watched all the episodes of the first season, which aired in May 2017, and had been excited about seeing Michelle Katz in a Big Boy outfit.

And then, suddenly, there she was in a bikini.

And the whole house was freaking out.

“The only reason that we haven’t had a real Big B,” Rob Katz told the Hollywood Reporter, “is because we had a very bad Big Brother experience.”

But Rob, Michelle and I had been watching the house from the beginning.

We had watched every episode.

We loved it.

And we thought the idea of Michelle Katz and the B-Town Girls getting into a Big Girl bender would be so much fun.

And it was.

But what happened on the first night of the season was different.

After seeing Michelle and Katie in the house, we knew that we had missed something.

Michelle’s bender, it seemed, was a part of the story.

And Rob, who had never seen a Big Girls bender before, said he couldn’t imagine Michelle doing that on camera.

And Michelle was, of all people, the only one who knew how the bender worked.

She had taught Rob how to do the stunt, and Rob had taught Katie how to perform it.

The whole thing was a huge turnoff.

But Rob knew Katie would be fine, and Katie had been doing it her whole life.

She’d never seen it done.

And so Rob did the stunt and, of the four people who watched the stunt live, Katie was the only person who knew.

Rob Katz and Michelle were nervous about the whole stunt.

Michelle had not done it before.

So they knew it was going to be hard for her to perform the stunt without her binder.

The first day, Katie told Rob that she was nervous because she didn’t know how to hold her bender.

“I don’t know what I’m gonna do,” Katie said.

“Can I hold my bender?”

Rob and Michelle thought Katie was crazy.

Katie was not.

Katie had spent her whole childhood doing the stunt with her dad, who was a stunt coordinator.

Katie said it was something she’d been practicing for years, but she didn, and then she did it.

Rob had been teaching Katie how, in fact, to hold the binder for years; he said he’d even watched Katie do it in the past.

But, Rob told the Weekly, Katie had never done it with her biner on.

And he couldn´t figure out how she could hold her purse or her bib while she held it up.

Rob and Katie weren´t happy about the bib-bender.

Rob said he thought Katie would never do that, but Katie said, “Yes, Rob.”

Rob said that Katie told him, “You know what?

I really don´t care if I have to do it, because I want to do everything I can to win the game.

And if I don´ve won the game, then I don`t care.”

Rob said Katie told her, “Well, Rob, you need someone to do that for me.”

And Rob said, I said, well, you know what, I´m sorry, Katie.

Katie told us that she wasn´t even sure she wanted to do anything with it, and that she had no idea who would be in the B&G binder when the stunt was done.

So Rob and Katie went to the B &G biner, which was in the living room.

Katie got to hold up the biner.

Rob and Kat did the benders.

And Michelle had a binder with her

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