College administrators say students are getting the education they need

Students are getting their college educations in time for the start of their freshman year at one of the nation’s most selective public universities.But a handful of administrators and students say they are facing problems that threaten to disrupt enrollment and push them into poverty, and that is putting their future students at risk.Some college […]

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Community college students and professors vote for best episode of ‘Community’

US community college students, who are on the cover of the latest episode of the hit BBC series Community, voted for the best episode.The episode aired in April this year, with the vote coming after an online poll.“We want to thank the students and faculty at our community college for voting so we can thank […]

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What is an Arapahoes Community Bank?

Community banks are community-based, non-profit entities that have an economic interest in providing financial services to individuals and communities.Community banks operate within local communities, serving individuals and families, businesses, nonprofits, and schools.Arapaha Community Bank is one such bank, which operates at Arapahi Community College, in Arapawas, California.Learn more about Arapoha Community Bank. Learn More

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New Jersey community college students ‘gassed’ by COVID-19 air pollution

Posted November 07, 2018 02:21:27When the news came in that a group of high school students had died in the community college’s campus air pollution, the reaction was immediate and unbridled.The students were the victims of a COVID outbreak, and they were being forced to take a class they had not taken in years.The deaths […]

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What to expect from the 2019 California Public Schools Conference on Wednesday

The 2019 California State Conference on Public Schools is scheduled for Tuesday, March 21st, 2019 at the Hillsborough Community College campus in Hillsborough, California. It is an annual event that aims to provide the state’s public schools a platform for community engagement and a forum for public education and policy discussion. The 2019 conference is held on […]

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How to get the most out of Fortnite, as well as other popular games

On Friday, the Fortnites community battle broke out at the community college in Fortn, Colo.According to the Fort Nuggets Facebook page, a group of people began shouting at each other.When the confrontation spilled outside, a police officer shot and killed a man who was holding a gun.“I am not a fan of violence,” the man […]

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