When a student from Harford County Community College went to jail

In March, 21-year-old Joshua Eberhart was arrested for allegedly attempting to rob the school, police said.The incident occurred after a student reported to a security guard that he and another student had stolen cash from a register, police Lt.Brian Schaffner told The Times-Dispatch.Eberhardt told police that he was a senior at Harford Community College in […]

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What you need to know about Hillsborough Community College’s community acupuncture program

Community acupuncture is a form of community medicine that is used in the United States.There are two main types of community acupuncture: traditional and modern.Traditional acupuncture involves using traditional Chinese or Japanese techniques that involve acupuncture needles, which are placed on the skin.Traditional community acupuncture is not usually covered by insurance, so people who need […]

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How to stop bullying at work in Kapiolani Community College

When you’re the only Asian American in your college class and you’re in a position of power and influence, it can be hard to be heard and respected.It’s why Kapiolian community college students and their supporters have a new program they’re calling, WorkDay Community.Kapiolian Community College is one of four schools in California to offer […]

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State seeks to halt community college licensing

Washington state lawmakers want to stop community college students from receiving student licenses to help pay for tuition.State Sen. Jeff Kaufmann, D-Fairfax, and Rep. Bill Zillman, D.C., introduced the bill Tuesday.It would also require schools to obtain a waiver from the state before they begin offering student loans.The state would no longer recognize student loans […]

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How the Lansing Community College Police Chief Is Changing His Mind About Police Officers

Lansing, Michigan, October 4, 2018—For the first time in more than two decades, the Lansing community college police chief is stepping down from his post.In a letter to the Lansing Board of Trustees released today, Mike O’Brien said he will retire from his position at Lansing Community and Technical College in the spring.O’Briens letter was […]

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